Exercise – Is It Better Morning Or Night?

We have choices when it comes to exercise – how much to do, what sort of exercise and whether we should do it during the morning or at night.  There are fors and againsts for both, but there are good reasons to choose morning for your exercise!

The morning is good for exercising in as it gives you a chance to burn some calories before you start out for the day.  You stand a better chance of burning off fat if you exercise in the morning, particularly if you do so before breakfast.  This also powers up your metabolism for the day, helping you to be more energetic and burn more calories during the day.

That said, there can be good reasons to exercise in the evening too – people who wait until the evening often report better sleep, having more time to focus on the exercise (instead of having to rush to work afterwards) and using it as a way to unwind at the end of the day.