Getting Your Vitamins Through Your Diet

we all know that vitamins and minerals as essential for healthy bodies and minds, but did you know you do not always need to pop a vitamin supplement to get all the goodness you need?  You can actually get all the vitamins your body wants from good old fruit and veg!

Red fruits often contain high proportions of vitamin A which is great for eyes and skin.  Orange and yellow fruits and veg contain lots of vitamin C which is good for the immune system, as well as general health.  Green veggies often have lots of vitamin C as well as iron and calcium, great for the blood and the bones.  Blue or purple fruits have lots of vitamin K in them, and most fruits contain plenty of vitamin E too, great for skin.

All fruits and veggies are good sources of fibre, which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Learn to Run for Fitness

Running is one of the best weight loss exercises, as it burns a lot of calories and helps to keep you lean.  It can be difficult to get started, as many people make the mistake of setting off too quickly and burning out before they really get going. Here are our tips for making it a great new hobby for good!

First, make sure you have at least a good pair of running shoes.  It is vital that your feet have the right support, so cheap trainers won’t really do any good.  You do not need to spend a fortune as a beginner, but get your feet looked at by a specialist running shop to analyse your gait.

Next, try out a mixture of running and walking to start with, gradually building up the amount of time you spend running.  This way you are less likely to over do it in the first few weeks and give up.  There is no shame in walking, it is actually healthier to intersperse running with bouts of walking to catch your breath!