solid oak furniture

Businesses Who Need Design Help

When you need to get your product made up into a real, quality item it is important to get the right agency on board to help you through the process. The company rennd product design business are a great option for most product design ideas as they have the tools and resources for creating almost any design! From 3d printing to laser etching and CNC machines, they have everything you could need to build almost any item.
solid oak furniture

Get Fit in the Summer!

Looking for a more interesting way to get fit fast over the summer? Why not try out Cornwall surfing lessons as a fab different way to work your muscles? Their own beach down in Cornwall is the ideal location to learn the main skills of surfing and the friendly instructors will have you riding those waves in next to no time! A fun and fast way to enjoy the sea whilst getting fit and enjoying the summer.

Eating Well on the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has been in the public eye for the last few years as a great, healthy way to lose a little weight, have more energy and feel great in your body!  What exactly can you eat on this plan, and what foods should be avoided?  Here is a useful guide to how to… (read more)

Getting Your Vitamins Through Your Diet

we all know that vitamins and minerals as essential for healthy bodies and minds, but did you know you do not always need to pop a vitamin supplement to get all the goodness you need?  You can actually get all the vitamins your body wants from good old fruit and veg! Red fruits often contain… (read more)

What’s a Spin Class Really Like?

If you have ever been interested in finding out about spin classes, but too scared to actually go to one, read on to find out what the average class is like! You begin by selecting a bike and fitting it to your body.  This basically involves setting the seat and handlebars at the correct height… (read more)

Learn to Run for Fitness

Running is one of the best weight loss exercises, as it burns a lot of calories and helps to keep you lean.  It can be difficult to get started, as many people make the mistake of setting off too quickly and burning out before they really get going. Here are our tips for making it… (read more)

Burn Fat and Lose Weight Easily

Do not be fooled by the title – we actually lied a little bit!  Losing weight is never easy, and there are no quick fixes to burning fat.  Here is our guide to losing weight in a sustainable and long term way, so you will soon lose the excess lbs and drop body fat for… (read more)